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Project Launch 15/01/2010

On the 15th January 2010, we screened an American documentary called Still Doing it! about the intimate lives of women over 65. The documentary tries to reverse the widespread stereotypes about growing older and to inspire all women to “keep doing it” – “it” being whatever turns them on. The film shows the lives of nine women who tell relate with honesty and humour how they feel about sex and love in later life.

We had a full house for the screening which meant there was a lively discussion afterwards. The post-screening discussion raised some interesting points. Some women said they felt “inspired” by the film and said they had never seen anything like it before.

Others felt it wasn’t a very nuanced portrayal. There was also a criticism that it ignored the fact that some older women don’t feel sexy or have a low libido, and that the viewing could have benefitted from a more “mixed” audience – including men!