Rosy Martin

Photo-Therapy Workshop Facilitator

Rosy works both as an artist using self-portraiture, still life photography, digital imaging, and video, and as a photo-therapist exploring the relationships between photography, memory, identities, and unconscious processes. Starting in 1983, working with the late Jo Spence, she evolved and developed a new photographic practice - phototherapy - based upon re-enactment. Her work makes explicit the multiplicity of identities that an individual inhabits, using the 'self' as a text to be deconstructed, reviewed, challenged and reconsidered. This work bridges private and public discourses, theory and practice. Themes explored in exhibitions and articles include gender, sexuality, ageing, class, desire, memory, location, urbanism, shame, family dynamics, power/powerlessness, health and disease, bereavement, grief, loss and reparation. Rosy has published widely and exhibited extensively since 1985. She runs intensive experiential workshops and has lectured in Universities and Galleries throughout Britain, Canada, Eire, Finland and USA. She is a lecturer in photographic theory, art history and visual culture at Universities in the UK. She is also a psychological therapist in private practice.



Publications Include

Martin, R. (2009) Inhabiting the Image: Photography, Therapy and Re-enactment Phototherapy. European Journal of Psychotherapy & Counselling 11 (1), 35-49.

Martin, R. (2003) Challenging Invisibility: Outrageous Agers. In Hogan, S (ed.) Gender Issues in Art Therapy. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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