Monica Fernandez

Photographer commissioned by Eventus

Monica was born in Tenerife, Spain, in 1975. Since completing an MA in Photography at De Montfort University in 2004, Monica has been exhibiting her work internationally in galleries, organisations and institutions. She has explored concepts of identity and capitalism in her works such as Lola (2004), Launderettes LE3 (1998) and Identidad (1995). In her studio, Mo-Arts, she has also developed a series of commissions around architecture and the use of art in science.

After winning a Research and Development Grant from the Arts Council of England in 2008, Monica moved her art into the public realm, completing, in 2009, a public art commission for Yewlands Technology Centre in Sheffield. She is currently developing Domestic Glamour, a celebration of the woman's universe.

"Without looking for an explanation or judgment, I frequently wonder and feel intrigued by people's behaviour, habits, dysfunctionalities, excesses, obsessions, orders and disorders. Through my photography I observe and artistically re-interpret these mundane scenes, when the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the grotesque and the beautiful might hug each other. I'm process-agnostic. I am not afraid of using experimental techniques, as long as I can explore these concepts and sensations."